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Monday, August 08, 2005

GenUX Opens the World to Gentoo Linux

GenUX Opens the World to Gentoo Linux LOS ANGELES, CA - August 8, 2005 (INB) -- GenUX ( is making it easier than ever for all users to download and install one of the most popular Linux distributions with the release of a free Gentoo Linux Installer and a new Compiled Binary Packages Service for Gentoo Linux. Historically, Gentoo Linux has been one of the most stable and popular Linux distributions for power Linux users, due to its unique nature: instead of installing applications in their binary form, Gentoo Linux users compile the components of the operating system from the original source code. The end result was a Linux distribution perfectly matched to the machine's and its user's needs. But, the trade-off was not what every computer user would have the time and the technical expertise to carry out such an installation. GenUX is now offering two services to help lower the bar to installing Gentoo Linux and make it easier for any user to obtain the power and functionality of the community-based distribution. The GenUX Installer for Gentoo Linux is a downloadable software package that allows Linux users to install Gentoo with no experience necessary. The GenUX Installer is bundled on a bootable CD that automatically installs Gentoo Linux on a user's machine. Using the CD, users will have a graphical installation interface walk them through installing Gentoo, just like any other Linux distribution or Windows or OS X operating system. Best of all, the GenUX Installer for Gentoo Linux is free of charge. Just answer a couple of non-technical questions, and GenUX Installer will perform all the needed installation steps. For more advanced users, additional options are available, so the full range of Gentoo's customizations can be utilized. During the actual installation, users may browse the Internet with the bundled web browser or play a few games that come on the Install CD. In addition, GenUX is dedicated to providing new solutions for Gentoo Linux users by allowing them to install packages in a fraction of the time by utilizing its new Compiled Binary Packages Service. This additional fee-based service will allow pre-compiled binary packages to be built according to customized or pre-defined profile settings. In essence, instead of downloading source code and spending valuable time compiling the source code on their computer, a Gentoo Linux user can use GenUX's service to download pre-compiled binaries for their system, just like any other Linux distribution. Under the new Compiled Binary Packages service, full system updates are accomplished in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. Users can choose predefined compilations of software included in Gentoo Linux's Portage system with a choice of pre-set platforms. Or they can go all out and implement a customized combination of USE flags, architecture, build environment, and CFLAGs for a Gentoo Linux system perfectly designed for their needs. GenUX users also do not need to compromise with generic pre-compiled binaries, as binary packages from GenUX are frequently updated from the Portage tree. With this service and the free GenUX Installer CD for Gentoo Linux, GenUX focuses on giving maximum flexibility, reliability, and power to the Gentoo user, while making it easier to use and maintain advanced computing systems. GenUX Installer and the Compiled Binary Packages Service is a major step forward for the Gentoo Community and users wishing to try Gentoo Linux. GenUX will be debuting the GenUX installer at LWE (SF). As well as showing demos of both the installer and the package system. Screen shots of the installer can be found on GenUX's website. About GenUX: GenUX is a venture by CodeUX. GenUX is dedicated to providing new solutions for Gentoo Linux (TM) users and others wishing to experience these cutting edge options available only with Gentoo Linux. CONTACT: Deedra Waters GenUX Inc. Phone: 541-908-1088 Email:

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